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Inkjet Labels

In an intensely competitive environment, the way to make your products stand out is by standing out with packaging and labels. As large enterprises increase their product range, the need for color labels in a large number of different designs but in numerically small quantities arises. Small businesses, on the other hand, want to customize their few products with colored labels. The cost of printing a small number of labels with classic printing machines is both high and the cost of inventory arises. Fast color inkjet printers have been produced as a solution to these problems, and their use is rising all over the world. Special coated paper and film labels are used for these printers to absorb ink quickly and to be scratch and wipe resistant. Otherwise, the ink cannot adhere to the surface. With color inkjet printers, you can print vehicle tires, pharmaceutical and laboratory, chemical, bed and carpet, food and beverage, shoe and box labels, wristbands (patient, concert, seminar, hotel, etc.) and logistics labels in the office environment at any time and quantity. EGEN BARCODE produces special labels for color inkjet printers with dozens of different top surfaces and adhesive options for different applications.

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