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Date Coding Ribbons

Date coding ribbon; is used in printers that encode date information such as shelf life, recommended consumption date, expiry date, production date, storage life.
With the heat generated in these printers, the ink contained in the solid state on the polyester film of the ribbon liquefies. Then, on the surface of the label or packaging, the ink comes into contact with the pressure and the print appears. Date coding ribbons are also referred to as hot foil ribons. You can print date information on packaging, cardboard or plastic boxes and products in food, medicine, cosmetics, cleaning products and many other industries. According to the printer models, you can choose the winding of our ribbons as inside (inward winding) or outside (outward winding).

Date coding ribbons can be used on printers with a print head near the edge. You can use date coding printers on devices such as Savema, Markem Imaje, Allen Coding, Domino, Videojet Dataflex with ease.