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Durable Labels

Durable labels are designed to withstand environmental conditions that would normally distort the printed image and/or compromise the integrity of the label structure. They must withstand difficult conditions such as high or low heat, pressure , contamination , rough surfaces, chemicals. In other words, durable labels are intended to be long-lasting and permanent. Some typical durable label applications; for the labeling of fixtures, vehicle tyres, chemical drums, hot filling, vulcanization, electronic components, airbag, vehicle engine and other parts.

For a label to qualify as durable; it is essential that the durable top surface is produced with a durable and application-appropriate adhesive and a suitable back scraper. In addition, it should also be printed with appropriate quality thermal transfer ribon to ensure print resistance.

As EGEN BARCODE, we offer solutions that are compatible with different applications of different sectors with industrial labels that are our specialty.