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RFID Label Printers

RFID printers and the smart tags they produce can be used in many fields. They can be used for security purposes or as an inventory control system in warehouses and retail companies for the purpose of containing information about the contents of a package or by raising an alarm against theft in a store. They can also be used for transport purposes, where transport directives, shipping history or other information can be stored on the chip.

RFID printer is a printer specially designed for writing data to RFID chips embedded in smart tags. The printer includes an RF encoder that transmits and encodes data to the chip. The printer then checks the data to make sure it is encoded correctly. RFID printers print the tag by adding a barcode, graphic, or other requested information to the tag itself.

An RFID printer is one of the most important tools in smart labeling. Therefore, it is a must-have for any company that uses smart tags in production, logistics or in different applications.