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Barcode Label Printers

A barcode printer is a printer designed to produce barcode labels. It uses direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to print labels. In thermal transfer printers, printing is done with ribbon. The solid state ink coated on the ribon film melts with the heat generated by the printer and is transferred to the label material. Ribbon is not used in direct thermal printers. Special thermal label material is used, which is blackened on the upper surface by heat. Both printing methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of use.
Labels produced directly from thermal printers are resistant to elements such as heat, sunlight and chemicals. Labels printed with thermal transfer, on the other hand, have a longer life. In contrast, for fast, continuous and short-lived label printing, it is more practical to use a direct thermal printer without the hassle of placing and removing ribbon.

In order to choose the most accurate printer, it is necessary to take into account such variables as the type of label, the surface to be applied, the durability period, the number of daily prints, the environment in which the printer will work.