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Zebra ZT-400 Series RFID Label Printer

ZT400 Series RFID printers/encoders offer advanced features for reliable printing and coding, even in harsh environments. It provides an advantage over your competitors with better tracking features, more traceability and corporate information. With the ZT400 Series RFID, you increase productivity. Packed with advanced features and connectivity options, these printers/encoders can accurately and efficiently produce labels for all your medium-high volume product-based tracking applications. Also available in an on-metal version, the ZT411 RFID* is the only option specifically for printing and encoding labels on metal. The 4-inch ZT411™ RFID and the 6-inch ZT421™ RFID can print and encode labels with a minimum range of 0.6 in./16 mm. The ZT411 can print up to 600 dpi for extremely sharp resolution.

Zebra ZT-400 Series RFID Label Printer

The ZT400 Series RFID printer/

encoders pair UHF RFID capabilities with proven durability to help keep your critical operations

running efficiently. Known as price-performance leaders in RFID labeling, the ZT400 Series RFID

supports a broad range of applications across several industries.


  • ZT400 Series RFID gives you enhanced tracking capabilities and deeper visibility.

Adaptive encoding technology allows for excellent media flexibility and simple RFID

calibration, eliminating complex placement guidelines

  • The ZT400 Series RFID offers throughput improvements over the RZ™ Series and features an

all-metal frame for rugged reliability to enhance productivity in extreme environments.

  • ZT420™ can print and encode labels as small as 0.6”/ 16mm. And, the ZT410 can print up to

600 dpi with precise registration for small-label applications.

  • Ideal applications : Manufacturing, Transportation and logistics ,Retail ,Healthcare



  • Prints and encodes tags with a minimum pitch of 0.6”/ 16mm
  • Supports tags compatible with UHF EPC Gen 2 V1.2/ISO 18000-6C
  • Compliant with Global RFID radio to support multinational deployments
  • Automatically eliminate complex RFID placement guidelines with adaptive encoding technology
  • Variable inlay placement supports a range of inlay positions for maximum media flexibility
  • Track performance with RFID job-monitoring tools
  • Support for industry standard multi-vendor chip- based serialization (MCS)
  • Integrated ThingMagic® RFID reader/encoder


  • 203dpi/ 8 dots per mm
  • 300dpi/ 12 dots per mm (optional)
  • 600dpi/ 24 dots per mm (optional for ZT410 only)

Print length

ZT410 ZT420

203dpi: 157”/ 3988mm 102”/ 2590mm

300 dpi 73”/ 1854mm 45”/ 1143mm

600 dpi 39”/ 991mm

Maximum Media Roll Size : 8”/ 203mm O.D. on a 3”/ 76mm I.D. core

Media Thickness : 0.0023”/ 0.058mm to 0.010”/ 0.25mm

Media Types : Continuous, die-cut, notch, black-mark

Maximum outer diameter : 450m: 3.2”/ 81.3mm O.D. on a 1”/ 25.4mm I.D. core

Standard length : 1476’/ 450m

Width : ”/ 51mm to 4.33”/ 110mm