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It is the ideal thermal transfer resin ribbon for all printing applications that must be permanent, non-static, resistant to heat, erasure and abrasion, high density for general purpose. Application areas are glossy packaging applications, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, plant passports, logistics, automotive and all heavy industrial application areas. Recommended paper types; synthetic, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene),PVC, Silvermat. Both Flat and Near Edge (curved) head barcode printers are also used. Regarding the features of the ribon used in the barcode printer or coding devices that you use, we recommend that you visit our BLOG page. https://egen.com.tr/en/blog/


CL7370 is a resin ribbon which combines competitiveness and performance. It is suited for the most demanding applications in terms of durability and cost.

Chemical features: Total thickness < 9,0 micron. PET Film + ink + silicon based backcoating

Printing receptor: Coated and glossy coated papers + PP , PE and PET films

Printer settings: 10 ips and 250 mm/s

Print resistance: 80 / 100

Compliance: Reach , Food Contact ,Heavy metals , California Propositon 65, UL969,BS5609

Application fields: Gloss packaging applications , automotive, heavy industry , chemical , plant identification , pharmacy, shipping , laboratory , product labeling

Storage: 12 months recommended , 20-80 % Humidity Rate , 5-35 0 C ( 40-95 0F)