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In the July 2019 issue of Metalsan Magazine, our General Manager Önder Karaca discussed our “Egen Barcode and Special Label Solutions for the Iron and Steel Industry“.

Egen Etiket, which provides solutions to the largest companies in its sector, provides services to many sectors with its products of international standards. Stating that they produce with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction and continuity in quality, Egen Barcode General Manager Önder Karaca answered our questions about the company, products and solutions for the iron and steel sector.

Could you tell us a little about the establishment of your company?

We are continuing on this journey, which started back in 1955, as the third generation. Until 2000, we operated in wholesale stationery. Since 20011, in order to meet the needs of barcode applications in all aspects of commerce and our lives, to take our place in new technologies and growing world markets, we have been pursuing innovations in the paper and label sector that we know very well. In this context, we are not only offering labels to our customers with our production that we started, but also trying to be a solution partner to our customers.

What are your product types?

As Egen Barkod, we offer printed and unprinted barcode labels, high temperature resistant rolled and iron and steel labels, barcode label printers, thermal transfer ribbon, color label printers, wristband printer and consumable products, ID card printer and consumable products, barcode printer accessories and original spare parts to our customers.

Which sectors do you serve?

As we know, barcodes are used in all sectors that come to mind. Iron and steel industry, manufacturing industry, retail merchandising, health and pharmaceutical industry, agricultural products industry, food and office management are just a few of these…

Our company produces solutions for every sector. We provide services for rolling hanger labels for iron and steel industry , heat resistant labels, special adhesive and surface solutions for the manufacturing industry; price tags for the retail sector, mobile printer consumables; hospital admission labels, drug labels for the health and pharmaceutical sector; printed and unprinted label solutions for the food industry and for office applications, address shipping labels etc.

Can you tell us a little about your markets? Do you carry out exports?

We continue to grow day by day with our sales to around 3500 companies in Turkey and export to 6 countries. We have a goal of providing services to the largest companies in every sector. We are working with 4 companies among the top 10 largest and 80 companies among the top 500 largest companies in Turkey. Our future goal is to increase our exports and increase the turnover share to around 50%.

Can you evaluate the first period of the year?

The exchange rate movements that we experienced in the last year created negativity in the domestic market for the first half of the year. Since all our production in the paper sector is based on imports, price increases were inevitable. We have seen that companies that do not have exports are affected much more negatively in this process. Despite all the negative developments, we continued to grow our business and provide impeccable service to our customers. We hope that the current troubles will subside in the second half of the year.

What is the domestic-foreign market demand situation?

Can you analyze the situation of the sectors you are a supplier of? As long as our overseas customers are satisfied in terms continuity in service, quality and competitive price, it will continue without problems and seems open to growth. Domestic market demands, on the other hand, develop depending on the structure of the companies that you are a supplier for. As the production and exports of corporate companies continue, they follow the same rates. If we consider the companies that we are suppliers of, it seems very clear that all sectors that make long-term purchases and sales are experiencing difficulties. High interest rates, rising costs and a contraction in imports have affected companies of this nature.

Is there anything you would like to add…

As Egen Barkod, our goal is unconditional customer satisfaction and continuity in quality.