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Polyamide Heat Label

This label, which is called polymide, polyamide, polyimide on the market, is very durable and resistant to high temperature. The top surface is a semi-matte polyimide film. Its total thickness is 143 µm. It is heat resistant up to +260°C. The adhesive retains its adhesion strength at high temperature and there is no loss of color. Thermal transfer print quality is high. It is UL approved. It has a permanent acrylic adhesive with high heat resistance. It is widely used particularly in electronic circuit boards.

Adhesive Code: 25 High Heat Resistant Acrylic Adhesive High heat resistant acrylic adhesive is resistant to environments such as electrical circuits, wear-causing solvents. Depending on the conditions, it can withstand temperatures up to 300 °C without discoloration and weakening of adhesion.

Polyamide Heat Label


A durable polyimide film with a high-temperature resistance, high opacity, semi-matt white topcoat.
A low caliper semi-matt white polyimide film for labelling printed circuit boards.

Calliper: 46 µm ISO 534

Basis weight: 75 g/m² ISO 536

High-temperature resistance, permanent, acrylic adhesive. designed for labelling printed circuit boards. It withstands high temperatures and corrosive solvents.

White, siliconized, bleached, super-calendered liner.

Basis weight: 80 g/m² ISO 534
Caliper: 70 µm ISO 536

Total caliper: 143 µm

Performance data
Type: Solvent Acrylate
Coat weight: 27 g/sqm
Initial Tack: 5,5 N/25 mm FTM 9 stainless steel
Peel Adhesion: 8 N/25 mm FTM 2 stainless steel 24 hrs.
Min. application temperature: +10 °C
Min. service temperature: -40 °C Max. short term temperature: +260 °C

Applications and use
This polyimide label material is optimised for printing specially formulated to withstand the high temperatures of the reflow process. Depending on the circumstances, the material can withstand peak temperatures of up to +300°C without color change or loss of adhesion.

This product complies with both REACh and RoHS

PET Opaque Label

The top surface is PET film. It is suitable for applications requiring high heat and chemical resistance. The top surface holds pressure well. It gives successful results in erasing tests. Color is bright white. It is used in industries that need durable labels such as iron and steel rolling, manufacturing, chemical, energy, computer, automotive, heating, cooling. It is produced with strong acrylic and hotmelt adhesive options.

Adhesive Code: 12 UV Resistant Acrylic Adhesive UV resistant acrylic adhesive is specially made for pharmaceutical labels and plastic containers. It has high performance in glass, PE and PP and soft squeezable containers. It can withstand harsh sterilization processes. It has a high resistance to UV and weather conditions. It shows high performance even on apolar surfaces.
Adhesive Code: 32 Hotmelt Rubber Adhesive Rubber-based hotmelt adhesive is a strong and durable adhesive option for difficult surfaces. You can choose it for parcel label applications, rough surface label applications and applications that require outdoor durability. You can choose it for parcel label applications, rough surface label applications and applications that require outdoor durability.

PET Opaque Label


A gloss white, specially print-treated polyester film.

Basis Weight 71 g/m² ISO 536
Caliper 50 µm ISO 534

White FSC is a supercalendered glassine paper.
The liner is made from FSC® certified paper (FSC Mix Credit, chain-of-custody number:
CU-COC-807907, Licence Code: FSC-C004451)

Basis Weight 70 g/m² ISO 536
Caliper 61 µm ISO 534

Performance Data
Initial Tack 30 N/25mm FTM 9
Glass Peel Adhesion 90° 19 N/25mm FTM 2 St.St.
Min. Application Temp. 5 °C
Service Temperature -20 °C to 120

Applications and Use
PET white PT is specifically developed for durable applications.

Conversion and Printing
PET WHITE PT be printed by all the conventional print technologies. The glossy, smooth surface is
print treated and can be thermal transfer printed. The best results can be obtained with resin ribbons.
For special requirements we strongly recommend application tests.

PET Matt Silver Label

The upper surface of the PET Matt silver label is 50 micron matte metallized PP film. Barcode labels where durable and long-term solution is required; are used on warning directive and identification labels; motor bodies, white goods, computer equipment, electrical tools and garden machines. Produced with acrylic and hotmelt adhesive alternatives.

Adhesive Code: 13 Water Based Acrylic Adhesive Water-based acrylic adhesive is the most preferred standard adhesive feature for general barcode label uses. If you don't need an aggressive adhesive and the surface you will stick on is not rough, standard acrylic adhesive will be sufficient for you. Its high adhesion strength, excellent surface adhesion and performance at low heat are ideal.

PET Matt Silver Label


Silver, matt top-coated polyester film.

Typical Technical Values
Substance : 64 gr/m2 DIN 53352
Caliper : 56 µm DIN 53370

Backing HD70
Tensile strength MD : 7.5 kN/m ISO 1924
Transparency : 51 % DIN 53147

For use as barcode labels, name plates, warning, instruction or identification labels wherever a durable and dependable long-term solution is required: electronic components,motors, domestic and industrial machines like hand-held electronics, motor housings, white goods, computer equipment, power tools and garden machinery.

Flexography, screen and letterpress Specia inks designed for non-absorbent materials should be used.The top-coated PET film provides excellent TTR printing results. The best durability can be reached with resin ribbons. We recommend validating the ink adhesion and durability under original conditions.