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HDPE Polyart Labels

HDPE POLYART ADHESIVE-FREE HANGER LABEL Polyart is a synthetic paper produced with HDPE (high density polyethylene). For high print quality, a special coating is applied on it. Polyart non-adhesive labels are a type of label that is resistant to water, oil, environmental effects such as tearing and up to -60 °C. Labels printed on Polyart synthetic paper remain in excellent condition with impeccable legibility even when in direct contact with oily, moist, chilled or frozen food. Technical features • Ideal for outdoor applications. It is suitable for use in chemical barrels and all kinds of barrels used for transportation. • It has a high resistance to oily surfaces and many chemicals. • It is suitable for thermal printing, scratch tests give good results. • Suitable for curved surfaces such as bottles. • It is resistant to high temperatures and cold. • Due to weather conditions and UV resistance, it does not shrink and does not become brittle. • It can be exposed to gamma rays for medical sterilization process

HDPE Polyart Labels

Product Code : 6006

Polyart® synthetic paper manufactured by high density polyethylene (HDPE) film which is coated with a clay coating that ensures colorful printing.
It combines the advantages of paper with the durability of plastic . Polyart synthetic paper looks, feels, prints . It is resistant to water, weather, chemicals . It also resists to tearing in both directions.

Technical benefits

Very specific technical benefits are ;

  • Ideal substrate for outdoor applications. It is perfect for drum labels, shipping labels, etc.
  • Resistant to oily surfaces and most chemical products
  • Ideal for Thermal Transfer print. It is smudge proof.
  • It conforms easily to bottle shapes
  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold
  • Due to its good UV resistance and weathering characteristics,
    Polyart will not shrink or become brittle.
  • Can be Gamma irradiated for medical sterilization processing.