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What is the high speed color printer?

The use of fast inkjet printers, which allows you to print CMYK in photo quality, at any time and in quantity, in your own business environment, is increasing day by day. We use the term “high speed” because these printers work with a single pass technology, which is different from other inkjet printers we use in the office. In single pass printing technology, ink is sprayed on the label in one go and the print head and the label surface come into contact once. Therefore, the absorption time of the ink by the label is very short. It is essential to use labels produced with the appropriate technique and suitable for fast inkjet printing technology. Otherwise, the label will not absorb the ink, it will remain on the surface and be thrown into the waste bin. The result of this will be both poor quality printing and running out of ink in a short time. These printers can print up to 30 cm per second on paper or film-based labels with outdoor and chemical resistant ink.

What is Memjet printer?

We also hear the term MEMJET printer in the market. Originally, MEMJET printers are also a subgroup of high speed inkjet printers and indicate that the print head has MEMJET technology. While many printer brands such as Trojan, Afinia, VIP Color use MEMJET head technology; Brands such as Epson and HP have developed their own inkjet print heads.

Why the high speed inkjet printers have been developed ?

Until recently, the general approach in manufacturing companies was to print barcode labels by themselves, and to order multi color labels to label manufacturer companies. If the quantity of color labels to be printed is high, printing outside is still a viable solution. On the other hand, the way of production and marketing has changed. Manufacturers try to diversify their products and make their packaging remarkable in order to stand out from the intense competition environment. The increase in product variety means that the manufacturer needs the large variety of labels, and the cost of printing labels increases if they are printed by label manufacturers. The manufacturer needs the flexibility to print as many labels as he wants, when he wants it in-house. Here, color fast label printers were produced to meet this need.

What are the advantages of high speed inkjet printing ?

There are labels on every product we use; Beverage, chemistry, automotive, pharmaceuticals, logistics and transportation, food, home textiles, horticulture and agriculture are the sectors where labels are used the most.

Label demand also varies due to changing demographics, consumption habits, environmental awareness, and legal regulations. For example, producers in the beverage industry; It uses labels that highlight natural ingredients and sugar reduction, with organic ingredients and healthy lifestyle choices. Labels need to be designed according to the targeted demographic and printed on the appropriate material.

If the product has a label with great graphics and colors then contributes to the brand image. The right label, the unique shape of the packaging and label are key factors. With fast inkjet printers, you can print all kinds of full color CMYK quality labels that appeal to dozens of industries. Since you will do this at the time and amount you need the label, it will both meet your needs quickly and avoid unnecessary label stock. With fast inkjet printers, it is possible to print labels in both color and black and white, as well as printing on different materials. Matte and, glossy papers; clear , glossy and mat PP films, PE films and tyvek can be printed by high speed inkjet printers..


These label printers can be used in many sectors, or rather, sector-independent. Beverage, fertilizer and chemical product manufacturers, manufacturers who picture and describe the product on the box, vitamin and medicine manufacturers, greenhouse growers, honey and jam producers, florists, medical product providers, coffee producers, frozen food production companies, sauce, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers primary users of these printers. All manufacturers, medium-small-large, can use these printers. If you want to have full color CMYK printing, ease of variable data integration, contribution to brand image, different types and quality of label materials and inks. These printers with full color fast CMYK printing will be the right solution for you.